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Junghans is synonymous with quality "Made in Germany" – for over 150 years. Founded in 1861 by Erhard Junghans, the company has managed in its eventful history to temporarily become the largest watch manufacturer in the world. The reasons for that? An enormous passion for the art of watchmaking. And the ability to constant innovation. All modern watch technologies are covered by the portfolio today: from battery-powered quartz watches and solar watches to mechanical chronographs. Junghans is a pioneer in radio-controlled watches. The different collections of ladies' and men's watches offer a diverse range of styles and designs. "Junghans – the German watch": the Junghans slogan really puts it in a nutshell.

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"Junghans – the German watch": a strong slogan. A generically formulated slogan, that is, a slogan which elevates every Junghans watch to a formative prototype of the whole genre "German watches". But above all, the slogan has a strong internal impact and determines the self-image of the company to this day.

For every employee, whether watchmaker, designer or managing director – Junghans boss Matthias Stotz is by the way a skilled and passionate watchmaker with master craftsman certificate – still today feels committed to an ideal: to deliver through passion for the art of watchmaking with every single watch the best quality "Made in Germany ".

Watchmaking has a long tradition in the Black Forest, where Junghans in Schramberg is still based today. It is no coincidence that in 1861 Erhard Junghans founded his watch factory right there. It was thanks to Arthur Junghans – one of the sons of the founder – that modern production methods were introduced early on and, as a result, larger quantities were produced first of alarm clocks and pocket watches, and later of wristwatches. In any case, by 1903 Junghans had become the largest watch producer in the world.

Impressive architectural evidence of the early flowering is the listed landmark of Schramberg: the world-famous terrace building built in 1918 and designed by Philipp Jakob Manz. Junghans not only dedicated a limited edition of the "Meister Chronoscope" series to the building terraced over nine steps and situated on the hill. Since June 2018, the "Junghans Terrassenbau Museum", located in it, has been providing visitors with exciting insights into the history of the company as well as the history of watchmaking.

In its own rich history Junghans achieved some really ground-breaking improvements. Junghans performed real pioneering work in the field of radio-controlled clocks and watches. After the world's first radio-controlled table clock was presented in the 80s, in 1990 with the "Mega 1" followed the first radio-controlled wristwatch of all time. In 1995, the "Mega Solar Ceramic", a radio-controlled watch with solar drive and ceramic case, was created. Finally, in 2004, a radio-controlled, multifrequency movement was developed for watches that could then receive their time signal on 3 continents.

In recent years, of course, especially the acquisition by entrepreneur Hans-Jochem Steim caused quite a stir in 2009. In 2011, Junghans celebrated its 150th anniversary – tradition-conscious and future-oriented – with many special models and reinterpretations, for example from the "Meister" series. The nostalgic automobile and aviator watches of the "Junghans Meister Driver" and "Junghans Meister Pilot" lines are only a part of the comprehensive current range.

The entire range includes the world-famous collection of "max bill" designer watches: strikingly simple ladies' and men's watches based on the designs of the famous Bauhaus artist. Under the name "Junghans Performance" you will find, very diverse in style and design, quartz watches and automatic watches as well as functional and technically innovative solar and radio-controlled watches. Model names of the watches are for example "Milano", "Mega", "Spectrum", "Voyager", "Chronometer",
"Chronoscope", "Force" or "Form".

Junghans – maybe the German watch par excellence? In any case: German watches for the whole world.

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