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In order to create a world worth living in for future generations, we all have to take action and work today for a better tomorrow. As a family business, we are particularly aware of this responsibility. That is why we have decided to make our contribution to climate protection. We initially concentrated on our own brands, trendor and Acalee. They form the heart of our jewellery world and together comprise over 2,000 products.

Sustainability Wind Power

With ClimatePartner, a leading provider of professional climate protection solutions, we have determined the CO2 footprint of each individual piece of jewellery and initiated concrete measures to avoid and reduce CO2 emissions. We compensate for unavoidable emissions by supporting certified, international climate protection projects.

Our three-stage approach

1. Calculate CO2

In close cooperation with ClimatePartner as well as our suppliers and logistics partners, we have determined all the CO2 emissions that arise from the jewellery of our own brands trendor and Acalee during their product life cycle, from the raw materials through production, packaging and transport to disposal.

2. Avoid and reduce CO2

Long-lasting jewellery

Our jewellery brands trendor and Acalee impress with excellent materials and high quality. The longevity of the jewellery is entirely in the service of sustainability. The majority of the pieces are already manufactured in the neighbouring jewellery stronghold of Pforzheim. The manufacturers predominantly source their precious metals from German refineries, meaning they use metals that have been recycled in a resource-saving manner.

Packaging made from secondary fibres

We do not import our outer packaging cost-effectively, but have it manufactured by our long-standing partner in Memmingen in the Allgäu. Our cardboards are made from 100% recycled fibre based paper. During its production, secondary fibres are obtained from waste paper. No forest is cleared and significantly less energy is used. Waste paper also does not have to be disposed of in landfills, but can be recycled. This avoids waste. Of course, we also avoid and separate waste very consistently in everyday office life.

Paperless office

Our office is not yet completely paperless. However, wherever we can, we avoid paper and instead rely on digital processes – both in external communication and internally.

100% green electricity

Since 2023, we have only purchased ecologically generated electricity that is produced in an environmentally friendly manner from renewable energy sources.

Modernization of the heating system

After detailed energy advice, we had our heating system completely modernized by a specialist company in 2022 and replaced the previous oil heating system with highly efficient heat pumps.

Wallbox for electric vehicles

We have installed a wallbox for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in our company car park. By using electrically powered company cars, we significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Convenient location

Bus and tram stops are just a few minutes' walk from our company headquarters. That's why many of our employees use public transport instead of their car to get there; others form carpools. The ability to work from home further reduces the number of daily commuters.

Bicycle leasing

Good for fitness and health – even better for the environment: as an employer, we offer a JobRad bike leasing programme. Bike leasing enables our team to be mobile in an absolutely flexible, individual and climate-neutral manner.

JobRad bicycle leasing

3. Compensate for CO2

We compensate for all unavoidable emissions by supporting recognised and certified climate protection projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio. Only after the unavoidable emissions have been compensated do our pieces of jewellery receive the corresponding ClimatePartner label. The clear identification provided by the label creates transparency and gives our customers the opportunity to obtain information at any time.

Supported climate protection projects

ClimatePartner's portfolio only contains internationally recognised and certified climate protection projects. When selecting projects, ClimatePartner is guided by the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Here, the focus is always equally on the positive effects on the living conditions of the local people.

We support the following projects:

  1. Biomass in Soacha, Colombia
  2. Forest protection in Mataven, Colombia
  3. Wind energy in the north-east of Brazil
  4. Wind energy in Tuppadahalli, India
Sustainability Forest Protection

Goals for the future

The important beginning has been made. Thanks to our measures so far, we have already been able to reduce our CO2 emissions by 70% compared to the last ten years. However, we are working intensively to continuously reduce our CO2 emissions even further. For the second half of the 2020s, we would like to reduce our emissions by another 20% annually. This reduction target corresponds to the ambition level of 1.5°C and is therefore in line with the Paris Agreement.

We believe that climate protection is a responsibility of every individual and affects all areas of life. It always begins with a conscious and responsible use of resources. Climate protection can only be effective if noble goals continually lead to concrete action. One thing is certain: we can only ensure a future worth living for all of us through sustainable action.

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Payment at uhrcenter: safe, easy – and just the way you want

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