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Fashionable accessory, technical bravura piece, noble status symbol or artful masterpiece: all this can be a wristwatch. And of course much more. Because modern wristwatches fulfill a wide range of functions and have countless, completely different features. Whether high-end smartwatch, distinctive chronograph or a classically elegant model, wristwatches are as intriguingly unique and individual as you are.

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The wristwatch – modern accessory of timeless beauty

The first wristwatches were made at the beginning of the 19th century. Thanks to the variety of designs, brands and models, wrist watches have managed to conquer the vast majority of wrists over time. This made the wrist watch one of the most versatile and popular accessories. In the form of ladies' watches and men's watches, it still inspires women and men all over the world.

Buying wristwatches made easy

Are you looking for a suitable wristwatch? At you will find the latest trends and many useful tips.

For everyone who wants to buy wrist watches online, it is important to get an overview of the different variants and models. In our shop you will find a comprehensive selection of inexpensive watches from popular brands and manufacturers. You can also filter our large product range quickly and conveniently – according to your individual preferences.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a classic watch or want to buy trendy affordable wristwatches: at you can easily filter by price or brand or search specifically for watch types such as quartz watches, automatic watches or chronographs.

Practical and attractive: what makes wrist watches so unique

We wear them on a watch band round our wrist where they reliably show us the time day by day. However, we no longer consider wristwatches to be purely timepieces measuring time. Instead, a modern wristwatch combines the exclusive beauty of jewellery with numerous intelligent functions: it gives every outfit that certain something – and as a clever companion it makes our everyday life easier.

Ask yourself the following question: what is the primary purpose of your new watch? As soon as you know what you want to use your new wrist watch for, you will be able to choose the watch that best suits your individual needs from the wide range of models.

Whether analogue watch, digital watch or chronograph, whether mechanical watch with manual winding, automatic watch or quartz watch, whether radio-controlled watch, solar watch or smartwatch: in our online watch shop you will certainly find the right watch that will give you lasting pleasure.

The wrist watch – technical highlight and fashionable must-have

Wristwatches reflect our interests. By deciding on a specific watch type, we express our lifestyle. Those who value fitness and health are sure to be enthusiastic about sporty watches and smartwatches. Their design is lightweight, robust and stylish. In addition, the multifunctional wrist watches support us with many practical apps for hobbies and daily activities.

Anyone who always appreciates a stylish appearance will certainly prefer a more elegant wrist watch. Exclusive models such as Swiss watches or hand-winding watches testify to an exquisite taste. For discerning collectors and watch enthusiasts, a high-quality watch is an extraordinary status symbol and a true masterpiece of watchmaking.

One thing is certain: the wristwatch is still a fashionable must-have. In addition, a women's watch or men's wristwatch fascinates today with excellent features.

Size really matters – at least in wristwatches

Wrist watches come in a wide variety of models and styles. In addition to the colour, material and design of the bracelet and dial, the models vary primarily in terms of the size of their case. Whether a dainty automatic watch is the optimal choice or an impressive chronograph, largely depends on the size of the wrist.

Watches with a smaller diameter and subtle dial design are recommended for the office. An unobtrusive design seems more appropriate in the professional environment. Office watches should also be fairly flat to fit comfortably under the cuffs of shirts and blouses.

Pay attention to a good balance between watch size and wrist. An imposing chronograph quickly appears oversized on a delicate wrist. On the other hand, a small case and narrow bracelet on a muscular arm often look really puny.

International brands such as Calvin Klein, Citizen, Seiko, Tissot or Tommy Hilfiger know the preferences of their customers. With new collections, they are specifically inspired by it. In general, ladies' watches are often smaller, more gracefully built and more opulent in colour than watches for men. Accordingly, men's watches often appear larger, more athletic and in muted colours.

Style really matters – current trends in wrist watches

Trends in watches change. But sometimes watches become cult. Best example: the iconic G-Shock series from Casio. The edgy G-Shock models offer a perfect mix of urban hipness and ultimate toughness. So, they contribute significantly to the cool image of Casio.

Casio also plays an important role with a current trend: vintage-style wrist watches. Casio vintage watches exude the charm of the 80s and impress with nerdy chic. However, the Japanese digital watches are not the only representatives of the retro trend. Pilot's watches and chronographs from Junkers, Zeppelin or Messerschmitt also score with their nostalgic look.

Trendy watch brands such as Cluse or Oozoo and renowned manufacturers like Citizen, Mido, Seiko or Tissot also integrate retro elements into their modern designs. Especially in women's watches, the use of square cases and classic mesh bracelets is particularly striking.

Another important current trend: minimalism. The max bill watches from Junghans are legendary for their perfectly simple aesthetics and their extremely puristic Bauhaus design. Sternglas also designs wonderfully minimalist watches. The declared goal of the brand is to create affordable Bauhaus-style wristwatches.

For men's watches, classy and straightforward designs can also especially be found in dress watches. The first-class Swiss watches and chronographs from Mido and Tissot match the suit just as perfectly as a Junghans Meister watch.

Watches make people

Minimalist wristwatches are timelessly elegant. Due to their classic beauty, they can also be combined with jewellery, clothing and other accessories in a particularly easy and versatile manner.

Clothes make the man and woman – but watches do too. Because the wristwatch with which someone adorns himself always says a lot about its wearer. So, always pay as much attention to the choice of the right watch as to the combination of clothes and jewellery.

An elegant men's watch is simply part of the suit. A glamourous women's wristwatch for an evening dress is just as indispensable. Jewellery and wrist watches should always harmonize with the colour and type of your clothing and underline your personal style in the best possible way. Less is often more.

Your dream watch is already waiting for you

Whatever wristwatch you want – and for whatever purpose you are looking for it: at you can expect the stylish digital watch for the disco, for example, just like the inexpensive quartz watch for everyday use or the chic men's chronograph for business meetings.

Discover our extensive range of wristwatches. In our jewellery & watches online shop, your personal dream model is always just a few clicks away from you.

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