Ladies' Watches

Ladies' Watches

At uhrcenter, every woman will find the perfect ladies' watch for her – including you. Just choose your own personal dream watch from 1.032 ladies' watches from brands like Boccia, Casio, Citizen, Garmin, Ice-Watch, Julie Julsen, Junghans, Oozoo, Seiko, Swatch, Tissot or Tommy Hilfiger.

Ladies' Watches
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Women's watches are delightful eye-catchers and practical timepieces, indispensable fashion items and reliable partners in everyday life. A ladies' wristwatch combines an enchanting design with useful functions. The stylistic variety is enormous. Trendsetters in particular appreciate the large selection of brands and models. Often something new: if you want to buy the latest ladies' watches, then uhrcenter is the right place for you.

Ladies' wristwatches – sporty, elegant or playful

Simply select the watch model that suits your needs from our extensive range of wristwatches. Whether it's a sporty chronograph with a two-tone dial, an accurate radio-controlled watch with a stainless steel case, an elegant automatic watch with a visible movement or a colourful quartz watch with playful details: you will find all types of watches and the latest new arrivals from top brands and well-known watch manufacturers. Let yourself be won over by the high quality of our products and benefit from services such as our free bracelet adjustment when buying a women's watch.

Women's watches for every occasion

Whatever the occasion you want to buy your ladies' watch: we have the right one! A discreet watch with a leather strap is recommended for the job. When going out, allowed is whatever you like: from the digital watch with a hip retro design and polished stainless steel bracelet to the distinctive analogue watch with a flat case and leather strap to the designer watch with an expressive dial and mesh bracelet.

Women's wristwatches for the office

Ladies' watches for everyday work should not be too extravagant. A restrained look is usually more appropriate. If there are no dress codes in your company, you can of course loosen up your style with sporty chronographs or wear unconventional ladies' wristwatches. If you like to shine with new highlights on your wrist, then Oozoo watches offer you plenty of inspiration. The diverse, inexpensive watch models of the trend brand fascinate with numerous original creations.

Ladies' chronographs with practical functions

The moderate size of current women's chronographs harmonizes wonderfully with slender wrists. A chronograph impresses with its stopwatch function and features such as water resistance and a sturdy case. Details such as bezels set with crystals and mother-of-pearl sunray dials make some ladies' chronographs glamourous eye-catchers. Would you like to buy a ladies' watch with that special something? A chronograph from Seiko, Tissot or Vostok Europe perfectly underlines your sporty, feminine style.

Smartwatches for smart women

If you are looking for a women's watch that accompanies your modern lifestyle, then you can hardly get past smartwatches. Garmin impresses with top equipment, high quality and an impressive range of models. Garmin watches from the Lily, Venu, vivomove or vivoactive model series have left the often rather chunky design of some outdoor smartwatches behind. The stylish models deliberately approach the look of classic wristwatches. Even the waterproof Garmin fenix GPS multisport smartwatches shine with feminine variants. This in no way restricts their numerous apps and functions.

Sports watches for women

There is a huge selection of sports watches: innovative multisport watches for different sports, advanced dive computers for divers or special running watches for runners and trail runners. Smart sports watches can record, save and evaluate activities. They provide precise data for training analysis, such as heart rate, running speed or number of steps. Models for pilots, sailors or outdoor athletes also have functions such as GPS navigation or Bluetooth connectivity. The field of intelligent sports watches for women thus covers a broad spectrum: from digital watches with a stopwatch function to activity trackers and full ladies' smartwatches.

Practical ladies' wristwatches for everyday life

Practical everyday timepieces have to cope with a wide variety of situations. Their distinguishing features are their unobtrusive design and insensitive construction. Women's watches suitable for everyday use should be water resistant and withstand minor endurance tests. Quartz watches are ideal for everyday use, but are by no means ordinary. Ladies' quartz watches convince with a large selection of designs, precise movements, robustness and affordable prices. Comfortable wearing is essential for watches that accompany us all day on the wrist. With our free bracelet adjustment, we adapt your women's wristwatch according to your wishes.

Radio-controlled watches for women

The accuracy of radio-controlled ladies' watches is unmatched. Any manual readjustment and switching from summer to winter time is completely eliminated with this type of watch. A time signal transmitter automatically supplies all radio-controlled wristwatches with the exact time every day. In Central Europe, radio-controlled watches receive their time signal from the transmitter in Mainflingen. Radio-controlled watches with world time function recognize the signals of several time zones. Such watch models are available from Citizen or Junghans, for example. They are ideal for frequent travelers. Solar radio-controlled watches are particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. A solar radio-controlled watch makes batteries superfluous.

Multifunction watches: GPS, heart rate measurement, stop function

Current multifunctional ladies' watches and smartwatches fulfill extensive fitness and health functions. In addition to the classic use as stopwatches, this includes measuring heart rate, calorie consumption or energy level. The holistic view of body and health extends over the entire daily routine. Multifunctional watches always keep an eye on your well-being – with sleep tracking down to sleep. If you want to buy a multifunctional women's watch that will win you over with its fast and accurate position detection during outdoor sports or sailing, then a high-quality GPS smartwatch is ideal.

Casio, Garmin, Seiko & other top brands in our shop

Regardless of whether you are looking for sporty, modern, technically innovative Casio watches, Garmin watches or Seiko watches – or one of the classically elegant, technically often similarly progressive models from Junghans, Mido or Tissot: our large selection of wristwatches of popular top brands and renowned watch manufacturers await you with the women's watches of your dreams.

Which ladies' watch suits you?

Which type of watch suits you? We help you to buy exactly the ladies' watch that perfectly emphasizes your personality. If, as a businesswoman, you often wear a trouser suit, a chic automatic watch with a leather strap will complement your outfit perfectly. If you appreciate evening dresses and high heels when you go out, an exclusive quartz watch underlines your feminine look.As a sporty type, you choose sporty chronographs or smartwatches in your private life anyway. If you like to play with colours and styles, then a single ladies' watch will hardly satisfy your desire for something new. It is therefore best to always have several, varied wristwatches ready for you.

The right bracelet for your women's watch

A stainless steel bracelet can be combined in many ways, is robust and durable. The metal colours of jewellery and wristwatch should harmonize and match the overall picture. If you buy your new ladies' watch from us and tell us your wrist size, we will customize your metal bracelet to perfectly suit you.

A beautiful leather strap often looks even more elegant than a bracelet made of stainless steel. However, the natural material leather changes over time. If you wear your women's watch every day, you should change leather bands every now and then. Great side effect: your watch suddenly looks like new again! Silicone bracelets are very hard-wearing, but their sporty look makes them less suitable for more formal occasions.

How to choose the right watch colour for you

Once you know whether you want a leather band or a stainless steel bracelet, you need to start thinking about the colour of the bracelet, case and dial. If your skin tone is lighter, you should also use lighter metal tones such as stainless steel or titanium for metallic bracelets and cases. These subtly underline your skin tone. With leather straps, on the other hand, a contrast can be attractive. Reddish-brown tones come into their own on a darker complexion.

The more puristic and the more uniformly coloured the dial of your ladies' wristwatch, the easier it is to blend in with different outfits. If you have favourite colours or a preferred jewellery colour, you are sure to be right with watches. When combining clothing and accessories, always ensure that they are as consistent as possible.

Which functionalities should your women's watch have?

The main function of ladies' watches is to display the time. But there are other useful functions. If you want to know the current day of the month, choose a ladies' watch with a date display. Such watch models usually display the date in a window on the dial. If you want your watch to remind you of appointments or to wake you up, a ladies' wristwatch with alarm functions is ideal. Chronographs impress with their stopwatch function. You can use it during exercise or for cooking. For water sports enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs, a wristwatch with a moon phase or tide display is a highlight.

Digital or analogue ladies' watch?

The analogue watch is the archetype of traditional wristwatches. In the case of analogue watches, the time is displayed by means of movable hands on a dial. Analogue watches are therefore also called pointer watches. They are found in all types of watches, such as radio-controlled watches, quartz watches or automatic watches. With a digital watch, the time is shown by changing digits on a display. The great era of digital watches began in the 80s. Practical functions such as alarms, calendars and calculators made digital watches popular. Today they often impress as vintage watches with a nerdy charm. Digital time displays are also used in chronographs – often combined with the look of analogue timepieces. In addition to wristwatches with a purely analogue or digital display, there are also watch models with a “mixed” display. The range of creations is enormous.

Current women's watch trends at uhrcenter

A return to timeless ladies' watches is reflected in the current vintage trend. The angular cases of many vintage watches, for example from Casio, Citizen or Seiko, are striking.

Minimalist ladies' watches are currently also achieving maximum effect. Whether automatic watch, radio-controlled watch or ladies' chronograph: puristic designs present such different brands as Mido, Oozoo, Sternglas or Tissot. The max bill collection from Junghans shows minimalism in perfection.

Diametrically opposite, but just as trendy: watches with bright colours and extra-large cases. Extroverted representatives are the brightly coloured quartz watches from Ice-Watch or the cool Casio G-Shock and Casio Baby-G models. Swatch dedicates its Big Bold collection to the trend.

Women's watches with solar power will always stay in trend. Outdoor watches and smartwatches impress with the environmentally friendly technology, as do the elegant Eco-Drive ladies' watches from Citizen or Eco-Power models from Jacques Lemans.

Care tips for your new dream watch

In order to enjoy your favourite watch for a long time, you should follow a few tips. Avoid contact of your wristwatch with cosmetic items. In this way you prevent the case or bracelet from being attacked. Protect your women's watch from extreme temperatures and humidity. Otherwise, delicate ladies' wristwatches such as automatic watches, radio-controlled watches or chronographs will be damaged.

Magnetic fields can affect analogue quartz watches in particular. Do not leave your analogue quartz watch near magnetic objects such as mobile phones. You should also treat high-quality ladies' watches to an inspection every seven years. The components of hand-winding or automatic watches, for example, are cleaned, oiled and checked for wear.

Payment at uhrcenter: safe, easy – and just the way you want

Payment at uhrcenter: safe, easy – and just the way you want

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