Radio Controlled Solar Watches

Radio-controlled solar watches perfectly unite two key technologies in wristwatches: solar and radio technology. More precisely, they combine the high accuracy of radio-controlled watches with the environmentally friendly drive by solar energy. This is very progressive and also truly convenient, since annoying battery changes are not necessary anymore. Of course, the design of radio-controlled solar wristwatches is often equally innovative and attractive.

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Since atomic clocks have a precision tolerance of 1 second in 30.000 years, radio-controlled watches are as close as you can come to absolute timekeeping. This functionality requires that the timepiece receives the time signal from one of the worldwide transmitters.

Even so, quartz watches, despite of all their precision, have one serious disadvantage – limited battery life; however, alternative energy sources for environmentally sound quartz timepieces have long since entered the sphere of the ordinary. Innovative solar technology in solar radio-controlled watches contributes to environmental preservation by eliminating the need for battery changes, but still allows precise time measurement.

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Payment at uhrcenter: safe, easy – and just the way you want

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