The jewellery choice is primarily a type question. For example, it depends on your individual skin type and colour type, what type of jewellery you feel most comfortable with and what type of jewellery wearer you are: a spring type or an autumn type or rather a summer type or winter type. The decisive factor is which colours, shades, tones and undertones characterize your complexion as well as your hair and eye colour. More important, though, is your own taste – which, of course, can vary greatly according to your personal style and type of character.

Sounds abstract? Do not worry, we'll illustrate the connections with examples. In any case, the importance of such typologies should not be underestimated – but at the same time not be overrated either. Nevertheless, your skin tone, your hair colour and also your eye colour play an important role in choosing jewellery which really suits you well. In particular, the colour of the precious metal should harmonize with the tone of your skin.

Whether you prefer jewellery made of gold, silver or rose gold, of course, you know for yourself as a long-time jewellery wearer and you probably even have a clear preference for gold jewellery/golden jewellery or silver jewellery/silvery jewellery. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile for you to read our guide: whenever you will buy new jewellery in the future, it can lead you faster to the perfect, type-appropriate pieces for you.

Matching jewellery for your skin tone

The most important factor in the type-specific jewellery choice is without a doubt your complexion. The contrast between skin tone and metallic colour is particularly noticeable in jewellery accessories, because jewellery is usually worn directly on the skin. The contrasting effect is therefore really "basic": the "basis" of fashion in all its manifestations is the surface of our body, which is our skin.

Regardless of whether you are wearing jewellery with an elegant black evening robe, your enchanting white wedding dress or a plain grey woolen sweater: the contrast between the precious metal tone and your complexion is of elementary importance and influences together with the colour consistency of clothing and jewellery significantly your overall visual impression.

Below, we introduce you to the different skin types according to their three larger groups and explain which precious metals suit them best.

Darker skin types

Jewellery for darker skin types

If you belong to the spectrum of darker skin tones, then your complexion has a deep tan throughout the year: it has a very dark shade of brown and can sometimes even change into blackish brown. Therefore, you had never had sunburn in your whole life and even in autumn and winter, with the intense tone of your skin, outshine even the most tanned holiday returnees effortlessly. However, this is not the main reason why all lighter skin tones almost go green with envy in your presence: because without any exception all precious metals look very well on your complexion! In the summer months, when your skin is even darker than usual, gold-coloured jewellery stands out just as much as rose gold jewellery. Therefore, especially in the cold season, for a change just choose to wear silver jewellery or white gold jewellery more often.

Jewellery for Mediterranean skin types

If your skin tone is deep olive, slightly brownish or even of medium brown tone even in its untanned state, then you have one of the so-called Mediterranean skin tones. Not only on the Mediterranean, but also at home in the garden, your skin quickly tans in the sun – and yet you hardly ever have to fear sunburn. Thus, you are actually always on the sunny side of life – not least in the choice of jewellery! You can also draw on abundant resources there, because all metallic colours look really well on your skin. The strong warm colour of yellow gold or generally of gold jewellery will certainly be the most pleasing to your complexion, but even accessories made of silver or rose gold coloured jewellery will harmonize nicely with your Mediterranean tan.

Mediterranean skin types
Lighter skin types

Jewellery for lighter skin types

You have a pretty light skin tone? Your skin does not turn brown in the sun, but gets freckles relatively quickly instead? So normally, sunburn is inevitable when exposed to intense sunlight? Then it is clear: the subtle, delicate tone of your skin can best be visually underlined with silver jewellery. To accentuate the noble paleness of your complexion stylishly, you can alternatively also fall back on white gold jewellery, stainless steel jewellery or jewellery made of titanium. In terms of their colour effect, these metals are comparable to silver – and for you, the range of attractive jewellery is once again significantly expanded. If your skin has a slightly red undertone, it is not recommended to use rose gold jewellery as it emphasizes this undertone. Yellow gold jewellery is also rather not recommended for lighter skin types, because your skin can often appear even paler with its special shine.

Matching jewellery for your hair colour

Also of great importance in the search of type-specific jewellery is your hair colour. While your choice of precious metal is primarily determined by your complexion, your hair colour primarily influences the choice of adequate gemstones. The change of hair colour therefore – such as when a blonde woman decides to become brunette, or vice versa – often also results in a comprehensive "update" of the jewellery collection. Because the visually appealing interaction between shiny hair and the colourful glitter of stones or other coloured decorative elements such as balls or pearls only completely sparks its fire in a suitable combination.

In principle, you always have the choice of completing your overall visual appearance with harmonious shades or deliberately focusing on contrasts. This of course you already know, in quite similar form, for example from the combination of dresses and jewellery. The bolder the combination you choose, the bolder and more striking your particular fashion statement will be – according to your individual type and temperament.

Perfect jewellery to blond hair

You are one of those classic, clever, amazing blondes? Then there are many attractive ways for you to charmingly accentuate your seductive appearance. In terms of colour, as an absolutely type-specific choice, blonde, blue-eyed, fair-skinned women can definitely choose silver jewellery with crystal-clear or blue stones and decorations. Jewellery with brightly sparkling diamonds or glittering zirconias, sapphire blue quartz, but also light blue chalcedony, for example, are perfectly suited to further enhance the charm of your shiny blond hair. For darker blondes with darker complexions, turquoise and greenish-blue lapis lazuli are also a good choice for you.

Perfect jewellery to brown hair

Especially as a brunette an enormous range of fascinating combinations opens up for you. If your hair colour is somewhere between clay-brown earth tones, the dark orange-brown to reddish-brown colours of autumn and a sensual dark chocolate brown, you have every reason to celebrate: you have to fear almost no restrictions on your colour-coordinated jewellery choice. Strong blue stones such as topaz, but also blue and dark green malachite and gold jewellery match perfectly with your hair, as well as the deep red or purple shades of corundum, coral or similar design elements made of enamel or glass or with pearls.

Perfect jewellery to black hair

Black beauties are also blessed by nature with a wide choice of jewellery. For all precious metals and mineral colours also harmonize wonderfully with the dark manes of black-haired – especially the very luminous and vividly coloured metals and stones. So, with black hair you can also look forward to endless possibilities for effective accentuation! The deep shine of your dark hair is a perfect base for setting attractive contrasts. Whether dark red, light blue or even gaudier shades of green – choose whatever you like to in terms of colour: for example, red-violet agates or malachites in a variety of blue and green shades.

Perfect jewellery to red hair

Because of its fiery-intense luminosity, red hair has an unrivaled visual impact. To not take your hair this particularly attractive expressiveness, as a redhead you should rather show restraint in the colour of gemstones. Colourless clear, white diamonds or zirconias are always an excellent choice for you. If you are as passionate and spirited as your hair promises, and yet want to set a clear accent, then a striking complementary contrast is the perfect means for this: bright emeralds, prasiolites or even glass-ceramic designs of rich green are perfectly suitable to form a sharp, all the more attractive contrast to your hair.

Matching jewellery for your eye colour

Whenever people meet, the gaze first seeks the eyes of the other person. From light green to greenish grey and various shades of blue to dark brown: for good reason, eyes are considered the various-coloured mirrors of our soul. In that sense, they really let us look deeply into others – and in turn give other people insight into the depths of our self. The profound colours of our eyes also play a very important role in interacting with the diverse colour shades of jewellery, especially jewellery with gemstones. From a poetic point of view, gemstones and other minerals, because of their often comparable shape and colour, can even be regarded as the "eyes" of jewellery.

In any case, we would like to look deep into your eyes right now and show you which stones and decors go well with their colour.

The ideal jewellery for blue eyes

The most striking eye colour is certainly blue – in all its many shades. So, make sure that your "blue wonders" are always effectively staged! For a particularly deep shade of blue, for example, you can achieve a pleasant contrast with a pink or slightly reddish rose quartz or a yellowish-brown, amber sparkling citrine. The stronger the red tone of the jewel is – most certainly strongest with a ruby of imposing red – the stronger the contrast. Of course, you can simply accentuate your blue eyes instead of contrasting them. With dark blue stones such as a sapphire, lapis lazuli or iolite you succeed as tastefully as with a light blue chalcedony.

The ideal jewellery for brown eyes

Over 90% of all people worldwide have brown eyes. A really impressive number! Just as impressive as the unparalleled depth and beauty that brown eyes always possess. Not least because of that, a variety of ways to combine or contrast is offered to brown-eyed. It depends on the individual tone of your eyes which gemstones are the most obvious. For example, if the brown is hazel, you can achieve a nice contrast with rose quartz or a turquoise. On the other hand, your hazel eyes can be complemented very well with a smoky quartz. If your eyes are of an even darker brown, lighter blue or green-based stones like turquoise or aquamarine will create an attractive contrast. For a harmonious complementation, you can also use smoky quartz with darker brown tones.

The ideal jewellery for green eyes

Green is the world's rarest eye colour. If you are one of the few chosen ones to be blessed with it, be sure to fully exploit the seductive, mysterious radiance of your rare, greenish-shiny "stars". On the one hand, you already benefit from the fact that the nimbus of exclusiveness has always surrounded everything that is rare. On the other hand, especially green eyes have a remarkable range of finely graduated shades. Regardless of the exact tone: your green eyes are particularly effective contrast with the iridescent purple of amethysts or even the fiery red of rubies. On the contrary, the many shades of green, such as of emeralds or iridescent labradorites, beautifully emphasize the sensual magic of your eyes.

A question of style and individual type

Jewellery and fashion give us the chance to make our physical appearance even more attractive. Of course, we also want to bring out our personality in the best possible way. When combining materials and colours, it is important for you to create the most homogenous and harmonious overall picture possible. This applies to the combination of different clothes as well as the optical matching of clothes and jewellery.

In doing so, you should, as we have seen, pay close attention to your complexion, hair tone and also your eye colour: they are central factors in creating harmonious looks. In addition, a lot depends on your type-specific temperament and stylistic preferences – for example, if you tend to softer, duller tones or bold and vibrant colours. If you are of a relatively restrained nature, you will certainly give priority to the discreet over the all too bright and colourful.

In any case, what matters in the end is the overall colour effect. The more radiant the colour of the precious metal is, the more conspicuous the number and size of the gems, and the closer the piece of jewellery comes to your face when worn, the more important it is that the predominant colour statement of the jewellery fits well with you and your type. A look in the mirror is still the best way to prevent a faux pas here.

In this final "self-inspection", always pay attention to the greatest possible balance: if, for example, a piece of jewellery immediately attracts your complete attention, it may be too dominant and one-sidedly outshine the overall visual impression. It is clear that you and only you have to stand in the centre of interest and focus of admiration – always and unchallenged. Of course, you decide how much and how intensively you want to bask in the attention of others. Because this is just like the jewellery choice primarily a question of your personal style and individual type.

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