In the right combination they have what it takes to become a fashionable dream team: a beautiful dress and matching jewellery. Even though both are already impressive in themselves – they always unfold their full effect only as a harmonious couple.

Their proper combination thereby always creates a perfect balance: the jewellery does not outshine the dress by its brilliance – the dress in turn does not make the jewellery seem too inconspicuous.

This principle of the greatest possible balance applies to all occasions on which you combine jewellery and dress – for the daily outfit at work and other professional occasions as well as for the casual look at dinner with friends or the decidedly classy wardrobe at festive events such as an important birthday or a wedding.

In the following, we'll show you how to perfectly match jewellery and clothing with three simple rules. Due to its particularly strong interaction with the dΓ©colletΓ© of dresses, our focus is on necklaces.

Three basic rules for the right combination of necklace and dress

Only by the tasteful combination of jewellery to your dress you ensure a completely harmonious overall picture. In individual cases, the overall visual impression depends on various, completely individual factors, such as your hair colour, your skin tone, but also your character and your temperament. Of course, the occasion as well as the colour, cut, design and above all the neckline shape of your dress are of the utmost importance. The following three rules always give you a good orientation and help you to implement your personal style as aptly as possible:

Jewellery must fit the occasion

Your jewellery must always fit the occasion.

Jewellery must fit the neckline

Your jewellery must always fit the neckline.

Less is more

Less is almost always more.

Specifically, this means that the more glamourous the occasion is, the more exclusive your dress should be and the more exquisite the suitable jewellery will have to be. On the other hand, if the event has a more informal character, then the chic of your dress should be casual and you can therefore also make your choice of jewellery more simple and pragmatic. Whether elegant, very low-cut evening gown for the opera premiere, stylish high-necked business dress or summery-casual spaghetti straps dress for shopping: only the seductive and sophisticated sparkle of jewellery will give your style the final touch and give your appearance its unmistakable personal character. Less is almost always more: your sympathetic understatement style enchants namely by his modesty – and with the charming statement of a necklace worn solo you often convince more than through an extremely pompous look.

Really every occasion is a wonderful opportunity to prove your great sense of fashion. In other words, you always have every reason to sparkle and shine! In the morning at work as well as in the evening when going out. The stylish use of clothing, jewellery and other fashion accessories will always make a great appearance. Start your ideal outfit with the essential: your clothing or your dress. Only then take care of your hair styling and all other fashionable accessories.

Your jewellery & you: a perfect combination from getting up to going out

At the end, choose your jewellery. Jewellery is the ultimate icing on the cake for your wardrobe. Clothes and corresponding choice of jewellery are always a question of adequacy and tasty dosage: in the little black dress for the evening theatre visit, you are "overdressed" at work during the day – just as you look "overdecorated" in your working environment with an impressive multi-rowed necklace.

Opulent necklaces or voluminous bracelets with perhaps several larger, richly decorated pendants are usually impractical for everyday office work or official business events such as fairs because they are usually quite heavy and therefore quite unsuitable for prolonged wear – for example at work on the PC or at the fair stand. Less is therefore more, especially in a professional context.

Keep your dazzling, glittering and most lovely jewellery for such occasions, on which their visually stunning, formidable glitter and shine really fit. There are a variety of suitable evening events, where you and your splendid jewellery certainly will find countless admirers, especially when you combine them for example to a fine black silk dress. At customer events of your company, classical concerts in the philharmonic hall, but also a jubilee celebration of your high-school class, you make without any question a powerful impression – and also fit perfectly into the picture.

Even with such important events and celebrations, however, the modest "less is more" can be an excellent strategy. When you "upgrade" a comparatively simple outfit to a real eye-catcher with a single statement piece, that is often far more effective than too much sparkle and effects.

Always the right jewellery for your individual type

In particular, for going out on ordinary evenings or on weekends, when you wear perhaps just a plain blouse for a visit to the restaurant or cinema, or, for dancing in a club a simple T-shirt or an airy strapless top, the restrained use of jewellery in many cases is more appropriate than the combination of various impressive pieces of jewellery.

Our tip: decide on such evenings deliberately exclusively for one type of jewellery – either for earrings, necklaces or bracelets. Thus, you turn an individual piece into an irresistible statement, be it a pair of filigree earrings, a beautiful necklace or a single bracelet. Nice side effect: you hardly distract from the essential – yourself. Your friends and all the other people who will meet you, can recognize easily what they should compliment you. And certainly you will get many compliments!

Make use of the opportunity to enhance your positive impact on others by optimally staging your individual type, skin tone and hair colour. For example, a rather cool complexion and lighter hair can be emphasized very well by silver jewellery, white gold jewellery or stones of a likewise cooler shade such as turquoise or aquamarine.

If, on the other hand, you are a more Mediterranean type with dark hair and a darker complexion, you will find gold jewellery with stones or pearls of warm colours or even jewellery with red corals as an adequate way of accentuation.

As long as you're fashionably brave, you'll really get a stir with powerful colour contrasts. For example, with your jewellery selection, you can purposefully contrast two bright, complementary colour shades – for example, a necklace pendant with red corundum and stud earrings with green malachite.

Regardless of the specific occasion and type, jewellery with diamonds are always an excellent choice due to their timeless appeal. If you want to save your budget, as a tasteful alternative, you can simply fall back on much cheaper, but equally shiny cubic zirconias.

The greatest optical attraction on a dress certainly exerts the cleavage. In the design of the dress, therefore, the shape of the neckline plays the decisive role for your choice of jewellery. In the following, we will describe the most common neckline types and show you how to combine jewellery with them as effectively as possible.

Rectangular neckline

Be sure to accentuate the clear edge of the rectangular shape of your neckline. Incidentally, this does not only apply to dresses, but also to tops with a rectangular neckline. Delicate necklaces, often combined with filigree earrings, are ideal for this purpose. Geometrically clear shapes, such as an appropriately designed pendant, can enhance the visual effect even further. But make sure that the pendant does not go too deep into the neckline.

Round neckline

Play with the sensual lines of a round neckline. If it runs relatively close to the neck, a short, eye-catching single necklace is ideal. Alternatively, you can combine several shorter, fine necklaces to create a stylish layering look. With a low-cut neckline, a trendy choker as well as multi-row necklaces are a good option. Rounded shapes and smooth surfaces are to be preferred in the design.


Similar to a round neckline: creatively handle the shape of the neckline. You succeed in an appealing manner, for example, with a likewise V-shaped or drop-shaped pendant. Longer, rather narrow and finely designed necklaces with pearls or stones, which harmonize symmetrically with the tapered neckline, look especially elegant here.

Boat neck

Boat necklines form an oval bow from one shoulder to the other, which makes them look pretty wide. Your cut line is usually relatively flat and for this reason directs the view very strong on the neck and face. A suitable necklace should therefore not be too long. You can also do without a necklace and instead just wear bulky, eye-catching earrings.

Asymmetric neckline

The asymmetric neckline certainly owes its particular aesthetic appeal to the fact that much of the world is arranged according to symmetrical principles. Its refined form attracts us all the more precisely because of this deviation. The bold cut line turns you and your dress into a fascinating attention-getter. The courageous cut is literally demanding for an equally brave statement! That's why an expressive necklace with an imposing pendant fits perfectly here.

Strapless dresses

All strapless dresses have in common that they show a lot of bare skin even above the dΓ©colletΓ©: shoulders, upper arms and collarbones are also partially or completely uncovered here. Depending on your type and temperament, you can further increase the sexiness of the cut with a voluminous statement necklace: it directs the focus even more on the uncovered body parts. With expressive earrings, you can of course shift the line of sight further up again.

Statement, understatement – or simply your individual style

When combining fashion and jewellery, almost everything is possible today. That means virtually maximum freedom and nearly limitless creativity for you! The enormous variety of women's jewellery does not restrict your options in any way.

You love fashionable understatement? So your appearance is discreet and you look for clothes with clear lines, muted colours and rather inconspicuous shapes? Then jewellery with more minimalist designs are certainly to your liking.

Or do you like to make a confident fashion statement? Without sacrificing your general stylistic restraint in your wardrobe? Very good, because especially statement jewellery remains in vogue and comes up with a large selection of highly attractive pieces.

The guiding principle "less is more" is not an expression of timidness, but always a proof of your unerringly sure taste: with every statement piece you decide to consciously choose this one, particularly expressive piece. A single worn, striking statement necklace is a perfect example thereof – and sets an unmistakable exclamation mark.

No matter which specific occasion you wish to ennoble with your presence, please always consider the following in the choice of dress and jewellery: as you will never be able to present the entire highlights of your wardrobe to the world at once, you should also never try to wear all the treasures of your jewellery box together!

You should prefer to consciously keep in reserve some extraordinary and seductive pieces, with which you will enchant your amazed audience at the next opportunity.

After all, you always have every reason to sparkle and shine! Even the most subtle understatement is ultimately always a clear statement – namely of optically tasteful renunciation. When combining fashion and jewellery, almost nothing is impossible today. So take it easy and just live your individual style!

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