Jewellery is always a very special gift. Jewellery gifts are especially valued by women and are therefore on top of their wish list. However, many men still find it difficult to buy jewellery for women. This is partly because the choice is enormous and men also often have very little experience in the purchase of women's jewellery: simply going to a jewellery store or looking for suitable accessories in a jewellery online shop such as uhrcenter, usually costs men quite some effort. On the other hand, men often fear that their jewellery choice will not exactly match the woman's personal taste and that an inappropriate piece of jewellery will rather irritate than delight her.

Our goal with this little "guide for men how to buy women's jewellery" is that men are no longer afraid of buying jewellery for a woman. Because this is by no means an incomprehensible secret science. On the contrary, if they follow a few simple rules, men will probably even enjoy discovering new sides of the fascinating world of women's jewellery in the future. So, the most important guideline for men right at the beginning: looking for ladies' jewellery means watching your women closely! If a man wants to hit the jackpot when choosing the perfect piece of jewellery for her, he not only needs a sure instinct. At least as important is a precise power of observation.

The basics

Important decisions

Which jewellery does she like?

At any rate, men should not only look deeply into their women's eyes regularly. It is strongly advisable to look just as often and intensively at their ears, fingers, necks and wrists. A sharper perception and precise observation bring men one step closer to acquiring the ideal piece of jewellery: they not only get to know the material and style preferences of the lady, but also the designs she favours and what her personal favourite pieces are.

Which jewellery pieces she wears most often and which ones are really dear to her heart is of course an extremely important insight for a planned jewellery purchase. It is also helpful to know how she normally combines different accessories. Let's take an example: does she like to wear voluminous drop earrings like chandelier or tassel earrings in combination with a glamourous women's watch? Or does she prefer to combine inconspicuous pearl earrings or silver stud earrings to a rather plain stainless steel bracelet?

Through such careful observations, men can acquire a rich background knowledge and gradually develop a feel for even the unspoken wishes of the woman. However, the thorough "inspections" are not only a win in terms of jewellery purchase. Like all human beings, women enjoy being perceived in their individual appearance and beauty. As a result, the great attention that is suddenly paid to her will always flatter a woman, so the man is sure to gain additional sympathy points.

In truly comprehensive "field research" on women's jewellery, men must also include the woman's temperament and nature, and even more important, the contents of her wardrobe. Any man who knows her peculiarities and also pays attention to her wardrobe, once again significantly increases the probability of being right in the later jewellery choice. Anyway, men who want to buy ladies' jewellery should be well-versed in the dress style and familiar with the individual type of the woman.

Special attention must be given to preferred colours and distinctive traits: does she like warm colours like red, orange or pink, or is she fond of earth colours and cool colours like blue and green? Does she like plain looks with few colours or does she love shrill and visually dazzling styles? Is she the minimalist and restrained type or is she always looking for an impressive appearance and maximum attention?

Of course, whenever men have the opportunity, a discreet look at the woman's collection of jewellery is of the utmost benefit. Even more intimate insights to her taste than in her jewellery box, a man can hardly win. Based on all the information collected, it should give him an increasingly coherent picture. Later at the jewellery purchase, the most relevant question must remain whether the new piece of jewellery fits the ones that the lady already owns, and whether it brings out her individual style in the best possible way.

What should the jewellery express?

Even the seductive sparkle and shine of jewellery has a high persuasiveness. But who as a man wants to really overwhelm with his jewellery choice, should also attach great importance to the symbolic meaning of jewellery. If a man manages to give the lady the impression that he has invested not only money, but above all a lot of time and creativity in the search for the piece of jewellery, chances are good that his jewellery purchase causes enthusiasm.

In addition, it is very helpful that jewellery gifts of all gifts have by far the highest emotional value for women. At any rate, women associate jewellery very emotionally with the moment in which they received the gift. In order to be remembered for a long time with a gift, it is extremely important for a man to provide a tasteful ambience and a romantic atmosphere during the delivery.

Before buying, however, he should in any case familiarize himself with the symbolic meanings of specific jewellery accessories. For example, a necklace almost literally embodies the close bond that exists between two people. Accordingly, the gift of a necklace always testifies to the desire to further strengthen this already close connection in the future. Moreover, through their extremely suggestive position in the middle between the head and the heart, necklaces touch at the same time the two elementary driving forces of love: feeling and intellect.

If a man decides to give a woman a ladies' bracelet, he subtly expresses that he will always be loyal at her side – just like the ever-present bracelet itself. Because bracelets are often worn parallel to wrist watches, in addition, the man indicates that he is always willing to devote her his attention and time.

When a man chooses earrings, his gift not only underlines the intention to emphasize the incomparable beauty of her individual facial features. In the figurative sense, he also shows the woman that he will always listen to her intensively.

Rings always give a great promise of constancy, even infinity. They therefore have a tremendous symbolic power and impact. With their round, circularly closed, almost endless shape, especially paired rings such as engagement rings, wedding rings and other partnership rings symbolize the great inner connection between two people, which will likely unite them with each other throughout their lives.

Jewellery with a meaning

In addition to the above-mentioned symbolic meanings of individual pieces of jewellery, there is of course "real" symbol jewellery. This includes, for example, hearts, crosses or anchors for necklaces or bracelets, but also all other forms of symbolically charged jewellery. We just want to talk about some of the most popular ones here.

Very popular is the classic heart pendant. It is considered the epitome of love par excellence. The oldest of all jewellery symbols is undoubtedly the cross. Most commonly it is found as a cross pendant for necklaces. The religious symbol not only shows a deep rooting in the faith. At the same time, it is a clear commitment to the infinite power of love – the human as well as the divine.

The anchor, whether as an anchor pendant for necklaces or part of anchor bracelets, is above all a symbol of hope and the imperturbability and immortality of love. It points to an ongoing, deep emotional connection: one is literally anchored in the other. Pendants or earrings with a tree of life also have an extremely beautiful poetic message. As reliable and steadfast as the gift giver himself, the "trees of life" give their wearer a life-long hold and strength.

Designs with moon and stars radiate the dreamy magic of a still young love. In particular, designs with an increasing moon can also be interpreted as an allusion to the fact that mutual affection will continue to grow in the future and possibly lead to a bond for life. Infinity signs as well as intertwined love knots suggest a never-ending, intense emotional relationship and the fulfilling eternity of everlasting love.

Pendants with horseshoes or four-leaf clover pendants are by far the most popular symbols of luck. Keys, in turn, are metaphors for direct access to the heart of the other and an intuitive understanding of even his deepest feelings. Small locks or padlocks for bracelets and earrings, for example, or as padlock or lock pendants for necklaces, along with protection and security, primarily express unconditional loyalty.

Personalized jewellery

If men want to perfect ladies' jewellery beyond the described symbolic meanings with an absolutely singular, very personal touch, engraving jewellery offers a wonderful opportunity for this. Through this individualization a piece of jewellery becomes something completely incomparable. For example, for their engraving text, men can rely on the special charm of tender nicknames or affectionate insider phrases.

Another unique gift idea for women, which counts on the magic of very special moments, are bracelets for charms. The great thing about it: every single charm pendant always reminds the female recipient of an absolutely extraordinary moment. But charm bracelets are also very practical for another reason: more and more charms can be added, each of which tells its own fascinating story.

Definitely a gift idea with future – ideal for many upcoming opportunities. Jewellery brands like Thomas Sabo or Pandora have recognized this trend. They satisfy the human passion for collecting beautiful things and unforgettable moments with a huge selection of original charms and beads. Also Leonardo offers with the Darlin's jewellery collection and its practical "Clip & Mix" principle almost unlimited possibilities of combining pendants and necklaces.

Jewellery for a special occasion

Of course, when it comes to jewellery gifts for women, the occasion is also of the utmost importance. It is often a need for women to be able to capture a special moment with a piece of jewellery. They then forever associate the jewellery with this touching moment. A woman measures the emotional and personal value of a jewellery gift greatly according to the occasion to which she got it.

One thing is certain: there are many occasions to buy jewellery for a lady. The most popular are certainly birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, engagement, wedding as well as later silver wedding or golden wedding. But also, for example, a successfully completed apprenticeship or special anniversaries such as the wedding day or the day you met each other.

The perfect annual occasion to give joy to a beloved woman is undoubtedly her birthday. After all, her birthday is that unique day when this incomparable human being saw the light of day for the very first time. For this reason, a jewellery present for a birthday should ideally be something "comparably incomparable". In addition to a pendant with a birthstone, which is assigned exactly to the birth month of the lady and always carries a special meaning, for example, a strikingly beautiful ladies' necklace with a pretty pendant is also suitable here.

Special anniversaries also return each year and are of great importance to most women. Men who tend to forgetfulness should therefore draw a thick red line around these important dates in their calendar. Such a meaningful date is, in addition to the wedding day and the day of the engagement, the day on which you met your great love for the first time.

Pieces of jewellery that are particularly suitable as gifts on anniversaries, for example, are heart pendants for necklaces with a personal dedication or bracelets with name engraving, but of course also a beautiful pair of earrings. In any case, emphasis should be placed on the symbolic statement of the accessory. On the symbolism of individual pieces of jewellery and the general symbolic meaning of jewellery, we have already discussed in more detail. At anniversaries men are certainly quite flexible in the choice of jewellery – as long as the piece of jewellery communicates the intended message as clearly as possible.

However, there are also occasions that leave virtually no room for creativity. Thus, a ring is still a must for a marriage proposal and then later for marriage. Both engagement and wedding rings have a tremendous symbolic dimension: they are based on centuries-old cultural traditions – and at the same time, they involve real life choices. For this reason, the engagement ring as well as the wedding ring should really be unique. Much care and time are needed in the search. Definitely recommandable is a design of timeless attractiveness, because the rings adorn the partners for the rest of their lives.

By the way, apart from all important festive occasions and fixed dates, there is another, wonderful opportunity to give jewellery to a woman: the spontaneous expression of being in love! The most beautiful thing about it is the much higher surprise effect. For men have every day of the year the opportunity to show their deep affection to the woman of their heart with an extraordinary jewellery present.

Gold or silver?

Of similar fundamental importance as the occasion when buying jewellery is also the question of the precious metal of which the jewellery accessory should consist. The most important criterion here is the colour of the precious metal or its alloy. In principle, there are three options:

  1. silver (comparable in colour effect: white gold, stainless steel, and pure titanium)
  2. gold
  3. rose gold (slightly darker, but similar in colour: red gold)

In any case, the decisive factor for the decision of a man should be which metallic shade harmonizes best with the complexion and optical type of the lady. Since jewellery is worn directly on the skin, the contrast in colour between the colour of the jewellery piece and the tone of the skin is of particular importance. Most women have a distinct preference for either gold jewellery/gold-tone jewellery or silver jewellery/silver-tone jewellery. This preference can be easily read on their own jewellery choice.

If, for example, a discreet glance into her jewellery box showed that the woman to be gifted tends to buy silvery shimmering pieces of jewellery, the man should, of course, concentrate primarily on silver ladies' jewellery or the aforementioned optical alternatives when looking for a suitable accessory. If, on the other hand, shiny golden pieces predominate in her jewellery collection, the focus must therefore be on women's jewellery made of gold.

Rose gold jewellery is the third colour variant. It is very modern and is particularly popular with younger ladies. In the narrower sense, these jewellery pieces are often made of sterling silver, which was plated with a layer of rose gold. Rose gold women's jewellery brings another fascinating colour into play and by this provides an even greater variety of looks and styles. Rose gold plated jewellery therefore enriches every jewellery collection – not least if it consists predominantly of gold jewellery or silver jewellery. This opens up even more room for creativity for men when buying jewellery.

When deciding on a precious metal, men should always keep an eye on the woman's face in addition to hair colour and eye colour: is her face more round, oval, angular or heart-shaped? For example, if the lady has a round face, it is recommended to wear jewellery that stretches a bit visually. Women with a round face usually also have a relatively short neck. So, thinking of suitable earrings, small filigree stud earrings or drop earings which are not too bulky come to mind.

Also the division into so-called season types can help in the choice of the right precious metal. They also provide information about the optical match of metal colour and skin tone. Roughly speaking, people with a rather cool skin tone then are called winter or summer types. In contrast, people with a rather warm or neutral skin tone are called spring or autumn types.

Let's illustrate the whole thing by an example for necklaces. If the woman is a rather daintily built winter type and has blond hair, a cool light skin tone, blue to blue-grey eyes, a more oval face shape with a narrow chin and a narrow forehead and furthermore a penchant for pastel-coloured tops with v-neck, then a well matching necklace should ideally be made of silver and likewise have v-shaped elements, such as a correspondingly shaped, individual pendant. Especially with regard to her slender stature, a delicate necklace with a not too voluminous pendant should be preferred. According to the eye colour the pendant may well be accentuated with an eye-catcher in turquoise or aquamarine.

Typifications and categorizations of this kind can help to illustrate the connection between skin tones and the colours of clothes, hair and jewellery. But let's not forget: all this is really just another little help. So the gain in knowledge can be comparatively limited in individual cases. In most cases it is much more profitable to recognize the personal preferences and intimate wishes of a woman through careful "inventory" and close observation.

Size really matters


Ideally, a piece of jewellery optimally emphasizes the most attractive features of a woman and perfectly underlines her individual beauty. Therefore, in a jewellery accessory women never see just any old gift. On the contrary, every single piece of jewellery is always something very special for them, with which they want to fully identify themselves. A comfortable feeling while wearing and a good fit are indispensable prerequisites for this.

For a really successful jewellery purchase, it is therefore essential for men to know the required size of the piece of jewellery. If the jewellery purchase is kept secret and the gift is to be a surprise, the usual tables, for example about ring sizes are of course out of the question. As an alternative, men can be guided by the size their partners used to wear so far. Of course, this again requires the possibility of being able to sift through and measure her jewellery collection undisturbed.

If there is no chance to do so, her mother, sister or best friend can be asked for help to obtain the necessary information in a discrete manner. Decisive for the assessment of the accurate fit of accessories are in any case the proportions of the lady. Men must always have to keep them in mind when looking for jewellery. Disproportions often lead to inconvenience – aesthetic imbalance is quickly causing irritation.

The key to success lies therefore again in the close looking and exact observing: are the wrists of the lady rather strong or slender? Does she have relatively thick or slim fingers? Are her ears comparatively small or quite big? For example, too large or bulky earrings, rings or bracelets can make delicate fingers, wrists and ears seem shrunken and therefore are disadvantageous in these cases.

Quality and budget

To emphasize it explicitly: the true "value" of a jewellery accessory is never exhausted in its pure material or monetary value. At least as important is its non-material, sentimental and personal value – especially since nowadays a very good material quality and excellent workmanship can already be obtained at fair prices. Nevertheless, your own budget is of course a very important aspect.

After all, a maximum price limit also has a positive filter function and helps to narrow down the large selection of jewellery in advance a little. In any case, the decisive question is which status the man attributes to the relationship. If, for example, he sees something solid, long-term and truly valuable, he will undoubtedly want to express this high status with a particularly "valuable", high-quality piece of jewellery.

Especially with gold jewellery, the respective fineness provides information about the quality of a piece of jewellery. The unit of mass for determining the weight percent of pure gold on a gold alloy is the carat. The gold content of the alloy in carats corresponds to the proportion by weight in 1/24 parts. This means that 14-carat gold contains exactly 14/24 parts by weight of gold. Alternatively, the purity of the processed gold is also given in 1/1000 parts: for example, 585 gold has a gold content of 585/1000 = 0.585 = 58.5% or 14 carats.

High-quality gold jewellery and silver jewellery made of sterling silver is usually stamped, that is clearly marked with a hallmark. This "seal of quality for purity and fineness" of precious metals gives men a reliable indication of their quality – and thus more security when buying.

If you do not want to hurt your budget, you have the option to use a cheaper synthetic stone such as cubic zirconia instead of a real gem like a diamond. Synthetic stones are priced significantly cheaper, but are visually similar glamourous and attractive.

Is the jewellery for a specific occasion?

Is the jewellery for a specific occasion?

Basically, different occasions have very different meanings and therefore suggest different jewellery gifts. A rule of thumb might be: the more important and meaningful the occasion, the more meaning and symbolic value the particular jewellery gift should have. The symbolic value of a piece of jewellery counts, especially with occasion-related gifts, much more than its purely material value.

What should the jewellery express?

What should the jewellery express?

With some occasions a clear symbolic meaning is connected. The marriage proposal is perhaps the best example. Anyone who is willing to make a marriage proposal to his partner firmly believes in eternal love and a happy future for the two of them. The traditional symbols of indissoluble togetherness and the infinity of love are rings. Therefore, for engagement and marriage there is no alternative to them. For less conventional and classic gift occasions, such as the anniversary of the first encounter, the choice of adequate jewellery is not quite as determined. This leaves room for more individual solutions. Most women have a strong sense of romance and the magic of special moments. Especially jewellery gifts have enormous potential here.

Which jewellery does she most like to wear?

Which jewellery does she most like to wear?

Here we repeat once again our guideline formulated at the beginning: looking for ladies' jewellery means watching your women closely! Especially before a planned jewellery purchase, men should give their women the greatest attention. Anyone who looks closely every day and observes with a keen sense what colours she likes, how she wears her hair and what pieces of jewellery she loves, will ultimately choose a gift that touches his beloved deeply in the heart. A discreet look in her well-guarded jewellery box is unquestionably the fastest way to get to know the individual taste and preferences of the lady.

What is the budget?

What is the budget?

If the budget is not too generous, that's no reason to be discouraged. If a man manages to advance to the long-held wishes and dreams of the woman, this intimate knowledge is generally much more valuable than a bulging wallet. If he not only follows the advice above with his purchase decision, but also his own clear intuition, hardly anything can go wrong.

We wish all men a lot of joy and success in discovering the gift dreams of women – in order to really turn them into dream gifts.

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