Celebrate your dream wedding:
perfect jewellery for your wedding dress

The wedding day is considered by many to be the most beautiful day in their life – anyway, it is definitely one of the most meaningful days. High are therefore the expectations of bridal couples on this very special day. High is usually also their stress level before the wedding in organizing the wedding celebration. Yet for every bride in the hectic preparation phase, there is a moment that compensates her for all the stress and boosts her anticipation of the great event even more. It is that incomparable moment when she sees herself in the mirror while trying on and knows: this and no other dress should be my wedding dress – I have always dreamed of it!

Whether classic white wedding or more trendy, for example in powder pink: the wedding dress is undoubtedly the centrepiece of every wedding outfit. It has to be seductively beautiful and radiate fairy-tale glamour. Finally, it should turn the bride into an enchanting princess. The perfect bridal gown optimally accentuates the type and individual assets of the bride. Thus, the dress becomes the visual pivot of her entire look: hair design, make-up, shoes and of course the matching jewellery should be chosen for this reason only after the decision for a particular dress.

Since there is a lot to do and decide for the bride, especially in terms of styling before every wedding, we would like to help all ladies willing to marry, to find the ideal jewellery for their wedding look with just a few practical tips. The following examples and explanations will show you how dress and jewellery can be harmoniously combined.

First the wedding dress – then the jewellery

Perhaps the most important piece of advice right at the beginning: the starting point of your whole wedding outfit should always be your wedding dress. Only when you know the colour, cut and design of your wedding dress, you can clearly judge what jewellery, shoes, hair accessories and hairstyle must look like to harmonize perfectly with the dress. The visual presence of the wedding dress is quite enormous: you and your dress are the undisputed eye-catcher on the wedding day and visually play the leading role. You and your magnificent dress will outshine everything else and stay in the memory of all guests – immortalized as the ultimate highlight in many photo albums.

For you as well, one of the most beautiful and lasting memories of your wedding will surely be the wedding dress – after your husband of course. As he is not allowed to see you in the wedding dress in advance, the decision for the dress is completely up to you. Of course, you can let your mother, sister or best friend give you creative advice. It is certain, anyway, that much depends on the design of the dress – especially with regard to the matching jewellery. For example, it makes a big difference whether you wear a wedding dress with a bridal veil or other headdress or head jewellery, and whether your wedding dress is deeply cut or high-necked.

Ideal bridal jewellery to match your dress

The best news first: the fascinating variety of women's jewellery makes it possible to find the perfect jewellery for every wedding dress. In addition to the design and colour of the wedding dress, when choosing your jewellery, it is primarily your individual style and personal preference for materials and designs that set the tone.

If the fabric of your dress, for example, is ivory-coloured or cream-coloured, the tone of gold jewellery provides the perfect complement. In contrast, in the case of a bright white or pure white wedding dress silver jewellery tends to be the best choice. For dresses of a bright warm white, such as diamond white, yellow gold coloured jewellery, rose gold coloured jewellery, jewellery made of silver or jewellery with pearls are recommended.

If the bridal gown has additional coloured elements, the colour of the bridal jewellery should emphasize these charming accents discreetly if possible. For example, gold-coloured embroidery can be optically combined very well with gold jewellery. Colourful design elements, on the other hand, can be completed by accessories set with stones of the same colour.

Glamourous from head to toe

Of course, it may also sparkle and shine on your head. Hair jewellery or headdresses are especially popular for weddings. The most common variant is certainly still the bridal veil. But also wreaths or crowns of flowers can round off your hair styling in a refreshingly natural way and also often look especially beautiful with the bridesmaids. If you do not choose a veil, a hairband, hair comb or even a hair clip made of gold or silver offers wonderful possibilities for subtle accentuation. Basically, you should take into account in your choice that hair jewellery in everyday life looks usually a little bit overdone and you therefore will probably hardly wear it anymore after the wedding.

Wedding jewellery and bridal gown:
a perfect bond for a day

You and your husband seal a bond for life. But even bridal jewellery and wedding dress form a solid bond: mostly only for your big day – but optically the more close. The general guideline for wearing jewellery for weddings is the following popular principle: less is more.

Excessive use of accessories often leads to the individual elements not only stealing the show from each other – but sometimes even from the bride. In addition, the overall outfit is quickly overloaded.

We deliberately exaggerate a bit now: instead of letting very bulky and pompous drop earrings compete with a very extravagant, overwhelming, multi-row necklace, or diminish the subtle magic of a veil by the opulent glamour of a tiara, in many cases it can be far more effective, to rely on the radiance of simple statements when combining accessories.

Due to its perfect colour matching with the predominantly bright tones of many wedding dresses, timelessly elegant pearl jewellery, for example, is excellently suited as a wedding jewellery. In addition to its colour-coordinated effect, the shape of your neckline is decisive for the selection of matching jewellery.

Below, we introduce you to the most popular types of necklines and explain which jewellery suits them best.


The sweetheart neckline owes its name to its heart-shaped upper portion. It can run more or less curvy. The strapless neckline is extremely decorative and therefore very popular. Due to its curved heart shape, the neckline also allows the use of more distinctive necklaces and pendants. However, the necklace should not extend to the visual limit of the neckline.



Also this form of neckline is very widespread. Due to its high straps, the tapered V-neckline directs the focus strongly on the neck and the centre of the décolleté. Shorter necklaces and chokers fit here as well as a longer necklace with a striking pendant. In particular, very long necklaces should be avoided, which reproduce too much the V-shape or literally get lost in the cleavage.


The asymmetrical neckline is inspired by Greek antiquity. It is also called one-shoulder neckline because its single strap runs over just one shoulder while the other remains uncovered. With its sophisticated cut, it ensures a desired optical imbalance what makes it an irresistible eye-catcher. You have the choice: create a certain balance, for example, through an impressive necklace with several smaller pendants or other decorative elements and additional eye-catching head pieces such as a tiara – or accentuate the asymmetry of the neckline even more, for example, by only wearing earrings to a more simple hairband.

Asymmetric neckline
Halter Strap

Halter Strap

Similar to the V-neck, the halter neckline emphasizes the neck and the centre of the décolleté. For the most part, however, the neckline is cut more filigree, which is why the chosen jewellery should be crafted correspondingly finer. It is best to wear necklaces at about half-height so that they visually "collide" neither with the straps nor with your décolleté. Necklaces should have rather narrow designs, with earrings longer drop earrings are to be preferred.


The vertical straps of this neckline type almost have a 90° angle to the cut line. This almost square shape emphasizes your décolleté with a downright geometric clarity. You can enhance the optical effect of the cut by clearly visible jewellery of bright shine and great radiance. Imposing gold jewellery decorated with multi-coloured elements is an excellent choice for example.

Square Neckline
Boat Neck

Boat Neck

The boat or bateau neckline runs oval from shoulder to shoulder. As a result, the neckline looks nicely wide. Since its cut line usually resembles a relatively flat curve, it directs the view especially on the neck and face. Necklaces should not be too long, suitable, for example, would be a shorter pearl necklace, which follows the natural curve of the collarbone. If the neckline is too close to the neck, you should refrain from using a necklace and instead opt for long, impressive earrings and possibly additional hair jewellery.


Due to its slightly oval shape, the off-shoulder neckline is comparable to the boat neckline. However, it usually looks a little more daring, as shoulder and décolleté are completely uncovered. The discreet sex appeal of the off-shoulder neckline can best be emphasized by a shorter, expressive necklace and matching earrings.

Off-Shoulder Neckline
High-Neck Neckline


The cleavage of the wedding dress remains completely covered in this case, because the fabric of the dress reaches at least up to the neck or usually even runs out in a higher collar. Due to this peculiarity, necklaces should better not be worn as they will always rest on the dress. On the other hand, the high-necked neckline is the perfect choice for extraordinary earrings or sparkling hair jewellery.

Dream jewellery & dream dress
matching the dream woman!

It is always a very personal thing to find the ideal wedding dress and the perfect matching jewellery for it. Both should be as personal and individual as the character of your entire wedding celebration: whether classic fairy tale wedding of stylish elegance, casual boho wedding of charming naturalness or rocking edgy wedding of rebellious coolness. The more precisely your wedding corresponds to your individual ideas and personal wishes – if possible down to the smallest detail – the more likely it becomes a dream day for you.

A very essential detail is unmistakable, uniquely beautiful jewellery – as unmistakable and unique as you yourself. Let your choice of jewellery always be guided by your clear intuition and your own preferences: what previously made it into your jewellery box as a favourite piece, is certainly a good choice for your wedding, too. In any case, it is crucial that the jewellery harmonizes with your wedding dress and effectively emphasizes your beauty.

But please also consider the following with your specific choice: while your bridal gown seldom gets a second appearance, there is an endless number of festive occasions for attractive jewellery to shine in the future. This is all the more true, the better the jewellery can be integrated into your everyday world. Taking this into account, excessively opulent accessories such as an overly ostentatious tiara are not necessarily recommended, especially on a tight budget.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended to coordinate your choice of jewellery with your husband: make sure to match your outfits as harmoniously as possible. After all, nowadays attractive men's jewellery is simply a natural part of the styling of gentlemen – of course also with husbands.

Even if the planning of your wedding was certainly demanding for you as a bride, and the search for the ideal dress and perfect jewellery was quite time-consuming: the incomparable magic of the wedding celebration, the shine in your guests' eyes and above all the tears of joy of your husband when he puts the ring on your finger will definitely make you forget all that quickly. Speaking of the ring: at least, you do not have to provide this small, but all-important detail for your wedding ...

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