Information on radio-controlled watches

What is the range of the radio controlled watch or clock?

Our radio-controlled watches and clocks with DCF77 time signal receiver can receive radio signals within a radius of 1500 km from the transmitter close to Frankfurt/Main - in other words almost throughout whole Europe. The area of reception can increase or shrink according to climatic conditions. Outside the reception area your radio controlled watch or clock works like a normal quartz watch.

Can a radio controlled watch also be worn outside the CET time zone?

By means of the time zone button(s) you can switch your watch to the time zones of other countries. It is possible to switch within the range +10 to -13 hours. If you change the time zone via more than +/- one hour, the radio synchronisation is switched off, as the watch is then outside the range of the transmitter. Your watch would of course continue to function as a high-precision quartz watch. If you wish to return the zone time to its original value then change the time zone by the relevant number of hours in the opposite direction. For most models the time zone can also be put back to its original value by pressing the time zone button for longer than three seconds - returning it either to CET or CEST.

When is the radio controlled watch or clock synchronised?

The radio controlled watch or clock switches to reception mode automatically at two o'clock at night. If however the watch has not been synchronised even after nine attempts (e.g. because it is outside the reception area) the synchronisation is switched off, to save on the battery. Of course the watch is synchronised when the transmitter call button is activated.

Are fees due for radio controlled watches and clocks?

All radio controlled watches and clocks you can order from uhrcenter are not subject to charges, and do not have to be registered.

I can see a "3" in my reception control display. What does it mean?

Your Junghans radio controlled watch or clock has not been synchronised three nights running. Using the manual transmitter call button you can check immediately to find out where reception is possible. If the reception monitor shows "0" then the synchronisation was made the previous night without any unsuccessful attempts.

My radio controlled watch switches dates at midday. What has happened?

You have changed the time zone by -12 hours. Press one of the time zone buttons longer than three seconds or change the time zone by +12 hours. In this way you'll find you have CET or CEST again. As the radio synchronisation was blocked by the wrongly set time zone it will be best if you make a transmitter call straight away.

Why does the display of my Junghans watch flash the whole time?

Because of a lack of power, as shown by your Junghans watch. Solar watches: It simply needs light so that its energy storage unit can recharge. After being exposed to sunlight for approximately two days or for example to intense artificial light for approximately 72 hours, even an empty unit is completely recharged. Watches without solar power: The battery needs to be replaced.

Any questions left?

If you can't find an answer here, don't hesitate to write us an email, use our contact form or simply call us. From Monday to Friday between 8.30 and 16.30 CET our customer service is glad to be there for you.

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Payment at uhrcenter: safe, easy – and just the way you want

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